Spesialøl frå Nord-Gudbrandsdalen


A saxophone, a book about home brewing – and a dream

I grew up in Tilburg in the Netherlands, not far from the Belgian border. My wife, Cindy, and me wanted to live in the country side, and we chose to move to Lesja, a small place in the mountains in the north of the valley Gudbrandsdalen in Norway.

I left for Norway before the rest of my family. I brought a suitcase with clothes, a saxophone and a book about home brewing. You see, I am just as much a musician as a brewer, but it’s not easy finding work as a musician in Lesja, so I have had several jobs throughout the years.

In Lesja it was difficult to find the kind of beer I like. If I wanted stronger beer I had to travel to Dombås, and I couldn’t find as many types as I was used to from when I lived in the Netherlands, where I often went on “beer pilgrimages” to Belgium. It was acutally easier for me to brew my own beer.

In other words, Hubertus brewery started as a hobby, but I quickly realized that I could create my own business from it – which I also did, in the basement of Lesja guesthouse. The first year I brewed 5000 liters. The next year 10.000, and I realized that I needed more space.

The old Skeievoll school, a unique building from 1920 in Dovre, a few miles south of Lesja, became available in 2013. It would be a perfect building for a brewery, and Cindy, the kids and I bought it and moved there. We have been here ever since.

When we bought the old school, it shared water supply with farms in the area. So we drilled for water, and 75 meters down in the ground we found what we were looking for – great crisp water. Thoroughly testet twice a year, it is excellent for brewing!

I operate the brewery all by myself. That’s the way I want it. Lately I’ve been brewing 40.000 liters per year, and the beer gets distributed to almost all of Norway.

I now brew 9 beer types, all inspired by the Belgian beer I missed when I moved to Norway – with a saxophone, a book about home brewing and a dream.